Using vim in Eclipse with vrapper

Eclipse is a great IDE, it helps a lot when developing Java application, but it lacks a good text editor, I often miss VIM when editing in Eclipse.

VIM is an awesome editor, Eclipse the most popular Java development IDE, why not combine them together? You can do this with the Vrapper plugin. If you are experienced VIM user but also need the advanced feature provided by Eclipse IDE, this plugin can help you editing more effectively.

Add a new software site by clicking Help -> Add and fill


For basic usage, install the packages as the following demonstrated

Command line supported, but only a subset of VIM commands supported.

You can change the default keybindings by create a file named .vrapperrc in your home directory, on windows it will be c:\users\username

Here is an example of configuration file

noremap i k
noremap I H
noremap k j
noremap j h
noremap h i
noremap H I
noremap ; $
noremap h ^
noremap H 0
inoremap <M-u> <Esc>
noremap <M-u> i

It changes the hjkl to ijkl cursor movement.

You need to restart Eclipse to load the configuration file.

Use system clipboard for yanking and pasting

By default, Vrapper don't use system clipboard, so you can paste text to Eclipse that copied from browser, add this line to .vrapperrc

set clipboard=unnamed

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