Three steps use Chrome at night on Windows easier

As the internet keep growing, people spend more time on internet, especially on browser screen. Unfortunately, most website is designed for using at daylight, which usually has a white background and black font color. Its painful to browse the internet at night or in a dark room.

A bright screen in dark environment cause eye strain which basically is fatigue of the muscles in your eyes. Looking at for a long time can cuase Dry, irritated eyes, headaches, feeling of pressure behind your eyes, and blurry vision.

Here are three easy step to use chrome on Windows at night easier.

Chrome dark mode extension

A dark theme extension can change the background and foreground color of the web page to make it less harmful to your eyes. Two extensions I like are HackerVision and HighContrast.

Change the theme color of Windows

Right click on your desktop and select Personalization and then Color and Appearance, expand Show color mixer and adjust the Brightness.

As you can see the window title bar and task bar both has a dark theme now.

Remove the scrollbar from Chrome

The color of scroll bar and address bar of Chrome inherit from Window which an not be changed, but if you don't need the scroll bar, you can just remove it with the No Scroll Bars Please! extension

No Scroll Bars Please! extension.