New Google Chrome can hide extension icon to main menu

Google Chrome has the minimalist UI design in browser industry from its first day. It has no menu bar, window title bar and bottom status bar from its first release. Which is a good thing, a lot of users amazed and liked it, its one of the most important factors makes Google Chrome so successful today.

And now they are going further along the minimalist way. Any UI element improvement that can helps you avoid distraction and focus on surfing the web will be introduced in Chrome. Chrome is a powerful, fast browser, but it never add clutter to the UI or reduce the space available for viewing a webpage. In Chrome Canary, you can even hide the address bar. One feature I would like to have is combine the tab bar and address bar, but it seems impossible now.

The recent release of Chrome allows you hide the extension icons from the address bar.

Hover you mouse at the end of address bar and drag it to the right

After hiding extension icons:

Some extension icon I almost never click, for example the Vimium, I just need to configure it when the first installation and rarely need to configure it again in the future, so hide it will be a good idea.

Some extension I my use it constantly, for example the HakcerVision or HighContrast to switch day and night, I simply choose to put them on the toolbar. You can drag the icon to adjust the order, so the useful icon at the front, and then adjust the width of the extension icon area, display the frequently visited icon and hide the rarely used icons.

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