How to use xsl:template set conditional templates for same element

of xsl:template can be any XPath, include conditional one. We can create two different template by set ... the code hard to understand. Use different template for each conditional is more clear. ... Suppose you have two types of section element, it can be a text node or a hyperlink ... conditional XPath in match attribute. <xsl:template match="section[@type='internal']"> <li

XSLT xsl:attribute example how to generate link href

The xsl:attribute instruction add an attribute to the parent element of the instruction ... in template. For example you have a source element contains title and url of a web page, you need ... to convert it to HTML a tag and reconstruct the url in the final HTML element. Here is an example ... "> </leaf> </section> </chapter> The leaf node represents a hypertext link , we want

How to use xsl:apply-templates in XSLT

In XSLT you can create transform template for each element in the source document. When you use ... -templates is an instruction in XSLT. It searches other templates defined in XSLT according to rules ... > The following XSLT illustrated several usages of xsl:apply-templates. <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0 ... ="chapter"> <xsl:apply-templates select=".//leaf"/> </xsl:template> Select children

What is XSLT

and presentation. Just like what happens in HTML and CSS. XSLT is the natural next step of learning ... XSLT means eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation. It's an important component in XML ... for XSLT not just comes from itself, but also from the fact that the source document is represented ... changes with the help of tools like XSLT. This flexibility comes from the separation of structure

What is XML used for

[What is XML?] XML is everywhere, both programmers and non programmers have to deal ... , display, create XML document and there are a lot of tools and library can help. [Used ... with XML data constantly. XML has become the de facto standard for exchange document between machines ... between them can be XML document. Here is an example <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <response