One Drawback of Sublime multiple cursor

The multiple cursor feature of Sublime is powerful and useful, but it has a drawback ... . But in Sublime you can't do that unless you add them one by one. In this case the Emacs plugin multiple ... and only set multiple cursors in that region. ... . When you press alt + f3, all occurrences in the file are selected, this can be a problem when you just want

How to solve Sublime Text wrap line problem

The wrap line feature act strangely in Sublime Text, not like what I expected, not like most rest of other text editors act. You can select View -> Word Wrap on the Menu, but it only works for current file you are editing when you enable the menu item. The Word Wrap is obviously not a global configuration in .

How to install and use Package Control in Sublime Text editor

After learning the basic usage of Sublime Text, you will need more advanced and specific features according to your text editing habits. You want to do more stuff in your editor, the most important way is using plugin or even write your own plugins to fits your personal needs. In Sublime we call plugin the packages.

How to use AceJump in Sublime Text 3

First install AceJump in Sublime Text 3, the best way is using Package Control plugin to install, press ctrl+shift+p open command palette and input "pci" to locate Package Control: Install Package, press enter and wait a moment, it will load all available packages, and then input "acej" you will find the plugin then just press enter to choose it.

Sublime Package Control: no packages available for installation

Get this error when run Package Control: Install Package:

The status bar shows "Loading repositories" for a while and popup this message box.

Sublime keybinding the basic selection and cursor movement

In the default keymap of Sublime, most cursor movement and basic text selection is done by arrow keys. The first problem of arrow key is they are not in keyboard major part, I never like arrow keys when using an editor, if the editor don't allow key binding, I will stop using it. The second problem is there are .

How Sublime Text cache files and path works

There is a cache mechanism in Sublime Text that many people feels confused. Lets see it with an example. Select Preferences - Color Scheme you will see a list of installed Color Scheme.

How to change Color Theme in Sublime quickly

How do you change color scheme in Sublime Text 3 ? Maybe select from Menu, but if you change color scheme many times a day, it will be very cumbersome. Today I want to change the Color Theme of Sublime Text editor, but the mouse is unavailable, I find there are no way to do this in the GUI .