Whats the difference between DispatcherServlet and ContextLoaderListener

Both ContextLoaderListener and DispatcherServlet create and maintain application context ... of application context are different] The context of DispatcherServlet contains MVC related beans ... of ContextLoaderListener contains beans that globally visible, like services, repositories, infrastructure beans, etc ... component want to utilize the Spring bean container need the root context. [Relationships between

What is ContextLoaderListener role and purpose

between web server and servlet, what the container do is to take care of all the chores to make the web ... framework registers the class ContextLoaderListener as the listener. ContextLoaderListener bootstrap ... ContextLoaderListener extends, it contains the working code for bootstrapping the root application context. https ... ContextLoaderListener when you are using Spring Security, this makes the security component pluggable

Why Spring Security need a ContextLoaderListener

If you are using Spring Security, you need to configure a ContextLoaderListener, if you don't ... configure it properly, you get a error. >How to fix Spring Security: No ContextLoaderListener ... . But Spring Security is not part of the MVC, its an independent component, and it has its own beans ... need to be managed by Spring container. This is what the root application context for, created

DelegatingFilterProxy ,springSecurityFilterChain ,ContextLoaderListener and FilterChainProxy

Spring Security, you should use bean name "springSecurityFilterChain" when adding DelegatingFilterProxy ... " DelegatingFilterProxy springSecurityFilterChain = new DelegatingFilterProxy(filterName ... to Spring Security, for example the Spring Security: No ContextLoaderListener registered. You need to know ... something about Spring Security as listed here [DelegatingFilterProxy] First of all

How servlet works, using Spring Dispatcher Servlet as an example

. In Spring Framework, one Servlet called dispatcher servlet is used to handle all requests. Its ... the Servlet for you. A typical Spring Dispatcher Servlet <servlet> <servlet-name>appServlet ... it connects the container and the spring context. When dispatcher servlet get the request, it first ... >/WEB-INF/spring/appServlet/servlet-context.xml</param-value> </init-param> <load-on-startup>1

How to fix Spring 404 error

There are a lot of reason can cause 404 error in Spring MVC. The biggest problem here ... this get called?"); Something like this If there is no output, means the Spring container ... , no compiler warning or error will be displayed The best way is always using the Copy the Qualified ... is there are no clues to tell what happend from the console log, Tomcat console won't print any diagnostic

Autowired and config method in Spring Security

of UserService will be inject so yo don't have to new it. If you use @Autowired on a method, it makes ... the method a config method which means you can configure the system in this method, and this is the only ... . The method name is not important, because Spring locate the method by their type signature ... Autowired means an instance bean in application context will be injected where

Gradle build Spring4 MVC Hello World Example

In this post we will create a simple Hello World example with Spring4 MVC. The build tool used ... here is Gradle. For a Hello World example, there are almost no difference between Spring3 ... application with jQuery AJAX example >Gradle example to build Spring MVC application ... . Visit url http://localhost:8080/Spring4MVCExample/ [See also] >Gradle build Spring MVC

Gradle build Spring MVC application with jQuery AJAX example

component in Gradle Cargo build cargoStartLocal >Gradle example to build Spring MVC application ... you how to do this with a simple Spring MVC example, built with Gradle. The application is simple ... . You may want to look at how to create a basic Spring MVC application with Gradle: Gradle example ... to build Spring MVC application. This application has the same project infrastructure. The following

Spring MVC CSS file annotation configuration

="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> [See also] >Spring 3 annotation based configuration >Gradle ... By default, Spring Framework don't allow you request CSS file directly, you will get error ... 'dispatcher' All the static files like CSS and javascript files called resources in Spring, and you need ... explicitly tell Spring where these resources are. If you are using XML based configuration
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