How to select a layer with effects in Photoshop

select the layer with the gradient effects? You want to select the layer and crop it to make ... . Here is a Photoshop tip to do this. Move your cursor to the thumbnail of the layer and hold ... the thumbnail, the layer will be selected Now select menu: Image -> Crop, you have your canvas ... Suppose you copied a layer to a canvas which has a bigger size than the copied layer

How to fit canvas to a layer in Photoshop

you want for the canvas. You may want to resize the canvas to fit the image or the layer you ... You are copying a background layer to a canvas, but the canvas is too small to fully display ... layer, Ctrl + A only select the whole canvas. I also tried Ctrl + T, but still no way to build ... a selection of the whole layer. But there is another option in the Image menu in Photoshop CS6

Photoshop fixed marquee tool

The marquee tool in Photoshop has three modes: normal, fixed ratio and fixed.

Photoshop fixed marquee tool