How to create database in Mongodb

. There is no such command called "create" in Mongodb, but a command "use". > use database switched ... Creating database in Mongodb is simple but not very straightforward as you think ... to db database Here we "use" a database with name "database" instead of "create" it. The command use ... actually didn't create the database, what it did is switch to the database by setting the shell

How to generate MongoDB document id with Clojure

way to allocate unique identity for a data object system. To generate MongoDB id with Clojure, we ... /monger "3.0.0-rc2"] The following code will generate and print a new MongoDB document id. (defn mid ... used on Windows system. A MongoDB document id is similar to UUID but has some differences ... . The structure of a MongoDB document id is 4 byte seconds since epoch 3 byte machine id 2 byte process

Python mongodb tutorial with examples

You should have installed and started MongoDB server, if you didn't yet, go to MongoDB.

I suggest using pip install command , like this:

Mongodb find query examples with PHP

The find is the way you query data in MongoDB. Its similar to "select" statement in SQL query language.

Lets prepare the database for our demonstration.

How to run MongoDB as a service in Windows

In windows, the mongod server process run in a cmd window, when you opens a lot of windows, the switch becomes a problem. Its very nice to run the server as a service, so it run in background and you can make it start when Windows power up if you have a local web application based on MongoDB.

Tips on MongoDB $in query

By default, if you don't use sort, the returned results always ordered by the order they inserted.

It is also true for MySQL.

MongoDB:Unclean shutdown detected

When I try to start the mongod server, I get this error ************** Unclean shutdown ... detected. Please visit for recovery instructions ... , terminating Wed May 15 08:42:54.090 dbexit: Wed May 15 08:42:54.090 [initandlisten] shutdown: going ... to close listening sockets... Wed May 15 08:42:54.090 [initandlisten] shutdown: going to flush diaglog

How to construct criteria dynamically with MongoDB and PHP

In relational database, sometimes we need to construct sql string dynamically when the query is complex. For example , search an array of keywords, or query a range of values.

Or construct a range query

How to return number of results in MongoDB

The common select count(*) syntax in relational SQL is very handy to get the number of records not the records itself. How to to this in MongoDB?

If all you want is get the total number of items matching the query, use the count() function.

MongoDB replication: How it works

MongoDB support both of the two flavor of replication. Replica set is the improved version of master slave replication, it support automatic fail over. When the primary goes down, one of the slaves will automatically be promoted to primary. In a MongoDB replica set, there is a arbiter server responsible for observing the failure and automatically elect a new .

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