Gradle multi project Plugin with id 'jettyEclipse' not found

I want to add the jettyEclipse plugin to a multi project in Gradle, according ... .+') } } apply plugin: 'jettyEclipse' This works in a single Gradle project, but failed when do ... : 'com.sahlbach.gradle', name: 'gradle-jetty-eclipse-plugin', version: '1.9 ... this in a multi project. I add the snippet to the subprojects {} block but get the following error

Gradle Servlet Hello World example in Eclipse

The new project wizard in Gradle Eclipse plugin let you create Java project easily ... the Servlet application. Good news is you don't have to start from scratch, the Gradle ... to it. Select File - Import... - Gradle project in Eclipse. Select the newly created directory ... >Hello World</h1>"); } } The quickstart template didn't provide web.xml. We should add

How to use Lucene DocValues

Lucene's main data structure is inverted index, a big hashmap use the term as the key ... tasks, like sorting, faceting or highlighting. As of Lucene 4.0, a new structure was introduced ... , the DocValues. For example, our sorting code example uses DocValue field to sort the results ... : How to sort Lucene search results The idea is uninvert the inverted index. This is exactly what

Lucene field, StringField vs TextField

and indexed field. doc.add(new StringField("id", id,Field.Store.YES )); For beginners ... , the syntax of Lucene field definition API can be very confusing, and they changes dramatically ... , there is no difference. Read a text file into Java, you always get a string. In Lucene ... all these properties in to an abstraction, this is what TextField for, a sugar class. Using

How to delete document from index in Lucene

in Lucene 0 Sam Lucene index option analyzed vs not analyzed [Delete document by id] Delete ... or relevance issues involves here, just boolean match. Lucene provided several ways to delete ... document, you can delete documents by term, list of terms, query or list of queries. [Delete document ... term. For setting up the Gradle project: How to do term query in Lucene index example package

Lucene sort unexpected docvalues type NONE for field 'date'

" java.lang.IllegalStateException: unexpected docvalues type NONE for field 'date' (expected=SORTED). Use UninvertingReader ... Trying to sort the Lucene search results by a string field, which in my case is a string ... ); Sort sort = new Sort(SortField.FIELD_SCORE, new SortField("date", Type.STRING ... (term); searchIndexAndDisplayResults(termQuery); } } In Lucene 5, the sorting field

How to sort Lucene search results

By default, for any query, Lucene sort the results by the score and this is user wanted ... order. Actually Lucene can sort the matched documents by any criteria you specified, the default ... it to sort. [The overloaded search method] To sort customized criteria you need to use an overloaded ... it accordingly to your requirement. [Sort by date] Below is an example that uses Lucene 5.3.0

Lucene fuzzy search with FuzzyQuery

FuzzyQuery to perform fuzzy search in Lucene. To setup the Gradle project refer How to do term query ... ")) ; searchIndexAndDisplayResults(fuzzyQuery ); } } Outpu fuzzy search: length of top docs: 4 3 Smith ... ("fuzzy search:"); searchFuzzyQuery(); ramDirectory.close(); } public static ... Lucene allows you specify a term that may not exact match a term in index, but similar

How to do term query in Lucene index example

. This example illustrate how to do term query in Lucene. To know more about term What is Lucene Term ... ] There are many ways to query a term in Lucene index, we need a standard procedure that perform ... analyzed vs not analyzed 1 Sam Lucene field boost and query time boost example 2 Jack How to do ... boost and query time boost example 2 Jack How to do Lucene search highlight example 3 Smith
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