How to export MySQL database table into H2 in Clojure

with an example and Clojure code. [Step 1. Export table definition from MySQL] To make the table ... H2 database use the standard SQL statements, many features in MySQL are not supported in H2 ... . To port a MySQL table to H2 need some tunes. In this post I will illustrate the process ... definition works in H2 database, we need it be compatible with ANSI SQL and strip all the MySQL specific

How to read CSV file into H2 database

. In this post will create a Java project and load data from CSV file into H2 database. [Step 1. Create ... ' } } } [Step 3. Connect to H2 database ] Suppose we have a CSV file at c:\tmp\sample.csv ... you import data from CSV file. Then you can do anything you want to the data in the SQL database ... H2 database is a pure Java SQL database and it has a nice feature CSVREAD which allows

How to use CSVREAD import csv file into H2 database Clojure example

to import data from CSV file into H2 database table as follows insert into my_table( id, name, age ... ,today,26 And you want to load it into H2 database. This post shows how to do it in Clojure code ... ), age int)"]) [Step 3. Import data from CSV file] According to the manual, the SQL statement ... Suppose you have a CSV file contains the following content 1,hello,13 2,world,14 3

H2 database crud examples in Clojure

In this example we will create an in memory database in H2 database and use Clojure to create ... . Get dependencies] We need H2 database and the Clojure wrapper to the JDBC driver. H2 database ... a table in the database. And insert some records to the database then query it. [Step 1 ... already contains the JDBC driver. com.h2database/h2 "1.3.148" org.clojure/java.jdbc "0.3.6" [Step 2

How to create new database in H2 database

the following If you want to create new database, just change the connection string, for example I ... want to create a new database with name "hello", use the following connection string conn ... H2 database is a lightweight, embeddable SQL database implemented in Java. In H2 each ... database for you. All the subsequent queries are executed in that database. If you execute create

H2 database example in Gradle

project] [Step 2. Add H2 database dependencies to Gradle script] As of this writing ... H2 database is a lightweight SQL database implemented in Java, it's embeddable and can run ... in memory. This post shows how to use it in Gradle project. [Step 1. Create an example Gradle ... the version of H2 database is 1.3.148 dependencies { compile group: 'commons-collections', name

H2 database in Clojure JdbcSQLException Method is not allowed for a query

JdbcSQLException Method is not allowed for a query. Use execute or executeQuery instead ... Trying to execute a SQL command in H2 database through Clojure JDBC driver, get this error ... -settings { :classname "org.h2.Driver" :subprotocol "h2:mem" :subname "demo ... databases"]) The query command get me the right results user> (j/query demo-settings

H2 database client usage

H2 database is an embedded database that widely used in testing, local storage and caching.

The H2 database installation contains a web based database client, in which you can create database, table, insert data and query data.

H2 database introduction

H2 is an embedded database written with Java. The database will be loaded in to application as a class library.

Testing database related functionalities needs preparing and cleaning data in database. Most database will persistent data to disk, and they usually takes time to start up and shut down.