Emacs defvar doesn't take effect

One of the common problem an Emacs newbie would commit is take defvar literally ... . The defvar can associate a non-nil value with an variable only once. ELISP> (defvar aa 3) aa ELISP> aa ... 3 (#o3, #x3, ?\C-c) ELISP> (defvar aa 4) aa ELISP> aa 3 (#o3, #x3, ?\C-c) ELISP> (setq aa 4 ... ) 4 (#o4, #x4, ?\C-d) ELISP> aa 4 (#o4, #x4, ?\C-d) The story always goes this way: you use defvar

Emacs Font Lock How to highlight multiline text

text matching] By default, Font Lock only process line of text, to support multiline text, we have ... )))) ;; this is a multiline regexp match ;; (setq font-lock-multiline t) (put-text-property ... ) 'font-lock-multiline t)) ;; Apply each highlight to this instance of `matcher', which may ... fatigue sometimes. I would like to let Emacs to highlight the comment text block so I

How to save HTML table as pure text with format retained

, you just want a pure text file, no HTML structure, no CSS styles, no need to use it in a browser ... and it has built-in text browser which render html table in text mode but keep the rows and columns ... Sometimes you may want to save a web page as text if you don't want the style and images ... but a simple text editor. But you can not ingore the table, tables sometimes are very useful, but copy

Emacs multi-occur Search All Occurrences and List Search Results

several buffers and files, list all occurrences for later inspection. You can also call it batched ... we want to do the same thing in Emacs. And Emacs provides a lot of choices for us. [multi-occur ... all buffers is ".", you execute M-x multi-occur-in-matching-buffers and input "." and then input query ... . [The *Occur* buffer] By default, the search results are displayed in a new buffer with name

Warning: Desktop file appears to be in use by PID how to disable

In desktop-save-mode, every time Emacs recover from exceptional quit or crash, I ... Search the substring for example "be in use" you will find it This is one among the three ... get this warning. Every time I just answer yes and it looks everything are normal. So I don't know what's ... the reason to answer no. But it gets annoying when there are lot of buffers needs

3 Ways to Replace string in Emacs

Replace is a common editing task and in Emacs you have countless ways to do ... functions. [3. evil mode] If you like the VIM way to replace string, you can use the evil mode ... it for different kind of replace. This post introduce you three useful tips to replace strings. [1. query ... -replace] The first one is the query-replace. But I rarely use it because it not better than

Multiple Cursor editing in Emacs

? It will be tedious to replace them one by one. The multiple cursors allow you to set one cursor for each ... how to the same thing in Emacs. First install the multiple-cursors package: Open you ielm ... , in Sublime you select the word and press Alt + F3 and start editing. In Emacs you mark the variable ... There is one nice feature I first met in Sublime: multiple cursors. You have a variable name

Upgrade to Emacs 25 on Windows 64 bit

. And this is how easy to upgrade to a new Emacs version on Windows 64 bit system. ... My old Emacs 24 is a 32 bit binary distribution which running on a 64 bit Windows(WIN8 ... . So I decide its time to upgrade to its best state. I used to use Emacs 32 bit on Windows ... . The best place to get 64 bit Emacs for Windows is https://sourceforge.net/projects/emacsbinw64

How to change flyspell keybinding in Emacs

I use Ctrl - Alt - i to move the cursor to up window, actually I use ijkl to move cursor to different window in four directions.

When I enabled flyspell-mode, the Ctrl - Alt - i is overwritten. It was used to correct misspelled words, but I never use it.

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