The question mark in extends declaration

In java extends declaration syntax we often see something like this:

The question mark also show up on other place, inside an angle bracket. It means any class, its a wildcard. Its the Generic of Java. It called bounded wildcard.

What is immutable object in Java?

An immutable object in Java is the object that can not be changed after it is initialized ... . For example String object is immutable because you can not change String object's content ... another object "World" and assign the reference to str variable. Being immutable is a design choice ... immutable collection. [Why use immutable object?] >They are thread safe, because their state

Oracle dual table

In Oracle, the dual table is a special kind of one-row and one-column database table. dual is a table which is created by oracle along with the data dictionary. It consists of exactly one column whose name is dummy and one record. The value of that record is X. Note that the outer query references the dummy table .

New Features of PLSQL in Oracle 11g

Oracle released its 11g Database, it introduced a number of new features and improvement for PL/SQL.

A new built-in function REGEXP_COUNT available in PLSQL of Oracle11g. It match a regular expression pattern and return the number of matches. Here is an example:

An Introduction of the C++ Standard Template Library

The C++ STL(Standard Template Library) is a carefully constructed library developed by Alexander Stepanov, Meng Lee and others at Hwelett Packard.

The core of STL include container which represent data structure and algorithm which apply on the data structure and iterator which is the bridge between container and algorightm.

FancyZoom startup example

FancyZoom is a nice image lightbox plugin. Here is the simplest way to use it.

First you should have a way to initialize it when DOM is loaded , here we use addDOMLoadEvent introduced in Compatible Javascript code addDOMLoadEvent . Its better than old IE's load event.

Compatible Javascript code addDOMLoadEvent

I come across a piece of Javascript code like this one:

Its packed, but then I found the unpacked and improved version:

An Simple Example Help You Understand STL

This example comes from the book of "Addison-Wesley, Designing Components with the C++ STL, Electronic 3rd Edition.pdf". Its a simple list implements an iterator in the class.

Look at each function carefully and get a clear idea of the mechnnism you will understand the core of the STL.

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