PHP tutorial : How to output category tree

A very common situation in web development is the category tree, in its nature , its just a recursive traversal of a tree data structure. This post will demonstrate the method of generating a tree while traversing the data strucute.

Step 1. Create a database table to store the category data:

Introduction to Custom tag libraries and JSP

What makes JSP the struts enabled and powerful is the use of custom tag libraries.

Custom tags usually distributed in the form of tab library which defines the tags and the class that implement those tags.

Config Struts Subapplications

Struts 1.1 support multiple subapplications defined in web.xml. That means that you can break your application into various subapplications for better maintenance . For example, every person in the team can have their own config file without have to constantly check out the only one config file.

What's the different between servlet mapping and filter mapping

This would make some people confused because when you write filter, you can map a url pattern to a filter class, and when you config the Struts in web.xml, you use the servlet mapping which looks just like a filter mapping. Why there are two kind of mapping but doing the same thing ?

Struts Hibernate Spring tutorial example

This post not start from scratch , but based on Spring Hibernate integrate with DAO pattern applied. This tutorial already set up the spring and hibernate, this post will add struts into it.

So the first step is to copy the old project. Just copy the project and click on the blank of the package explorer panel and select paste.

Upgrade Struts Project from Tomcat 5 to Tomcat 6

When I deploy a Struts project that works well with Tomcat 5 yo Tomcat 6, get this error:

Struts Framework component overview

For a MVC Framework like Struts, its difficult to talk about various component without some familiar with the big picture of the overall component structure. Any single component is related to others.

This post will introduces various Struts components, its very important to lay a groundwork before get deeper understanding of the Struts.

What is Struts

The Servlet and JSP technology has bee around for a number of years now. The development process has became more complex which is a constant challenge for developers. That is why Struts comes out, it can simplify the process even if the development requirements grow continually more complex.

How to debug Tomcat Web application in MyEclipse

In MyEclipse, you can set breakpoint to any segment of code, include the third party jar libraries. But you have to get the source code that match the binary jar files. I recommend to download the library's source code first and then build it and copy the generated jar to your WEB-INF/lib. With the Maven build tool, its very .

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