jQuery queue tutorial

The queue is about animation.

But for me, the jQuery documentation is awkward, here is a better tutorial.

How to test Javascript code with Javascript test framework

People usually never test Javscript code, but as the Javascript development gets more and more complex. The techniques used in professional software engineering are introduced to Javascript development. One of them is the unit test.

Unit test has been the standard component in language like Java.

Javascript object and array, whats the difference?

The object and array in javascript sometimes is hard to distinguish. The object is like array and array also like an object.

The properties of object can be accessed with array syntax. The index is the property name:

What is jQuery fn

fn is the alias to the prototype property.

Its a shortcut for your to access the prototype of jQuery.Look at the jQuery source code:

FancyZoom startup example

FancyZoom is a nice image lightbox plugin. Here is the simplest way to use it.

First you should have a way to initialize it when DOM is loaded , here we use addDOMLoadEvent introduced in Compatible Javascript code addDOMLoadEvent . Its better than old IE's load event.

Compatible Javascript code addDOMLoadEvent

I come across a piece of Javascript code like this one:

Its packed, but then I found the unpacked and improved version:

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