English root word -cur

The root -cur comes from Latin verb currere which means "to run". It has many variations ... in different countries and history, for example, the courre is a medieval from Old French. The Latin word ... with it. The wisdom of the word is that ancient people trying to tell us don't get into a situation by running ... , they do silly things, they incur troubles. Another word curse has the same origin, if you incur bad

Viewport Meta Tag Why responsive doesn't work on mobile

or not. [What the Viewport Meta Tag do to mobile browser?] By using a Viewport Meta Tag ... the Viewport Meta Tag. You need to add a meta tag to you HTML, called Viewport Meta Tag <meta name ... start from media query, actually the first thing to know and remember is Viewport Meta Tag, its ... the responsive settings will not be triggered. The viewport width is the width of mobile device, ranges

English root word -tain

Many English words have Latin origins, the word -tain in this post is no exception. The root ... a situation, etc. Its a nice word, you need to hold on at many situations in your life, and you wish many ... on, be consistent and persistent, you won't lose. So its very helpful to learn this word. The basic ... -tain comes from Latin verb "tenere", means "to hold", to keep a thing, possesses things, keep

CSS cascading order of precedence

CSS means cascading style sheet. What the cascading mean? It means the styles provided ... of they can have their own style declarations on any element, each definition has an order of precedence ... priority. The browser read and parse CSS style declaration one by one in the order of their appearance ... and then is applied on to the elements. The process of determining of the final style sheets is called cascading

What the takeaway means?

The word takeaway has two meanings, the first one ... chinese takeaway. The second one is the insights, knowledge or understanding you get from someone's ... writings or speeches. For example, a blogger should give the readers takeaway regularly, or visitors ... will leave the website. The word takeaway also means a key point or a key fact. When you asking

Three steps use Chrome at night on Windows easier

eyes, and blurry vision. Here are three easy step to use chrome on Windows at night easier ... and black font color. Its painful to browse the internet at night or in a dark room. A bright ... . [Chrome dark mode extension] A dark theme extension can change the background and foreground color ... and HighContrast. [Change the theme color of Windows] Right click on your desktop and select

New Google Chrome can hide extension icon to main menu

of Chrome allows you hide the extension icons from the address bar. Hover you mouse at the end ... the width of the extension icon area, display the frequently visited icon and hide the rarely used ... Google Chrome has the minimalist UI design in browser industry from its first day. It has ... , a lot of users amazed and liked it, its one of the most important factors makes Google Chrome so

How to use flat map in Clojure and Scala

Flat map is an operation that first map then flat the result. Flat simply removes one level ... of nesting. [In Clojure] (defn foo [l] (> l 0) ) (mapcat #(filter foo %) '((-1 0 2 3) (1 0 ... -2 3))) (flatten (map #(filter foo %) '((-1 0 2 3) (1 0 -2 3)))) user> (map #(filter foo ... %) '((-1 0 2 3) (1 0 -2 3))) ((2 3) (1 3)) user> (flatten (map #(filter foo %) '((-1 0 2 3) (1 0 -2

Upgrade to Google Chrome 52 portable version on Windows

don't like upgrade software frequently, not just because I use portable version, but in my experience ... when upgrade to new Chrome version, some extension I reinstalled many times, I found its the first ... , but Chrome 52 only accept extensions with manifest version 2. Reinstall the latest version ... , the Chrome 52 also introduce the Material Design which is a style guidelines adopted in Google, and now

Request refer googleweblight.com what it is

Recently I find some unusual traffic in website's visitor request information. The refer has ... this domain googleweblight.com Something like this: Turns out the googleweblight.com ... , but the image quality is low and blurred. Below is how the page looks like in googleweblight.com ... internet connection. This can helps a lot of people in the trend of single web pages get heavier. [What
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