Reactive Programming How to use Subject

in Reactive Programming. You can see the differences between them. Many people using the two names ... Put it simply, a subject is both an observer and an observable. This sound confusing ... , how to understand it? This post will shows you the usage of subject. Being an observer means ... operator. Subject being observer by implementing the Observer interface. public interface

VirtualBox change folder that saves Snapshot file

By default the SnapShot file of virtual machine in VirtualBox is saved in C:\Users\username ... place to save space in you C drive. First change the Default Machine Folder But it only ... and then Advanced tab, fill the path in Snapshot Folder Notice your old snapshot will be gone ... , you can start the virtual machine and close it with save state method, the new snapshot file

C# Hello World Example

. Let's start with the classic Hello World example. [C# Hello World code] At first glance ... , the C# Hello World example is very similar with Java, as the code below shows. using System; class ... Test { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Hello World"); Console.WriteLine(add(3,4 ... C# is the newest enterprise programming language created by Microsoft to compete with Java

Find Visual Studio Command Prompt in Win10 VS2015

software shortcuts. For example, I can't find where is the cmd prompt for Visual Studio when I want ... the match for you. Don't input something like "Visual Studio". The second method is to navigate through ... the Developer Command Prompt ... The start menu of Windows 10 changes dramatically, I find it's hard to locate installed

Cannot register the hard disk uuid already exist

like for each virtual disk, VirtualBox will write an UUID into the file, but what's the point? Why ... , but get this error when trying to create a new Virtual Machine with the new vdi file as the disk. Looks ... the virtual disk file has to be unique? Imaging what it feels if you can't copy a word document and open ... command to change the UUID of the vdi file C:\App\virtualbox>VBoxManage.exe internalcommands sethduuid

English root -fer means to carry, to bring, to bear

. It means to carry, to bring, to bear. Many common words contains this root: infer, confer, refer ... is carry together. A group of people carry ideas, opinions to each other. Conference means meeting ... with Lord Howe. [infer] In this case, the fer means bring, bring in a conclusion. By analyzing ... . [defer] The de means apart, defer means carry apart, carry away. Things are held back or stopped

Latin word tangere and root -tact

The Latin verb tangere means touch. The root words come from tangere are: tact, tang, ting, tig ... There is a famous quote from bible which contains this word: noli me tangere. Means touch me ... , tag, etc. The tangere has an variation tactus, both tact and tang come from tactus ... not. This is the sentence Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene after the resurrection when the latter recognize him

English root word -cur

The root -cur comes from Latin verb currere which means "to run". It has many variations ... in different countries and history, for example, the courre is a medieval from Old French. The Latin word ... with it. The wisdom of the word is that ancient people trying to tell us don't get into a situation by running ... , they do silly things, they incur troubles. Another word curse has the same origin, if you incur bad

Viewport Meta Tag Why responsive doesn't work on mobile

or not. [What the Viewport Meta Tag do to mobile browser?] By using a Viewport Meta Tag ... the Viewport Meta Tag. You need to add a meta tag to you HTML, called Viewport Meta Tag <meta name ... start from media query, actually the first thing to know and remember is Viewport Meta Tag, its ... the responsive settings will not be triggered. The viewport width is the width of mobile device, ranges

English root word -tain

Many English words have Latin origins, the word -tain in this post is no exception. The root ... a situation, etc. Its a nice word, you need to hold on at many situations in your life, and you wish many ... on, be consistent and persistent, you won't lose. So its very helpful to learn this word. The basic ... -tain comes from Latin verb "tenere", means "to hold", to keep a thing, possesses things, keep
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