Write blog with Clojure and Emacs

To publish a blog post, you need to write it, edit it, preview it, publish it, and update it later. Admit it, most blogging software has bad publishing experience. What is wrong with those software for example Wordpress about writing blog post? Everything!

See why not Wordpress Why programmers should not blogging with Wordpress

How to use Clojure repeatedly

The only difference between repeat and repeatedly is thing they repeat, first one repeat value, second one repeat function evaluation. Actually we can build repeatedly based on repeat as below.

So we don't need to remember both of them, you just learn one and deduce the other one.

How to use repeat in Clojure

The repeat is a component of Clojure infinite sequence feature. Its a nice, elegant abstraction that useful in many scenarios.

The simplest case

Find Youtube video url with Clojure

is about extracting Youtube video URL address from Youtube API. Clojure good at tasks like ... this. Each Youtube video has an unique ID associate with it. You can see them in you browser address bar ... on YouTube.Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner If you request that url in browser ... -stream :url (java.net.URLDecoder/decode (:url parsed-stream) "UTF-8"))) ) ) (defn get-youtube

How to use ChromeDriver in Clojure

This post shows how to create an instance of org.openqa.selenium.chrome.ChromeDriver in Clojure REPL.

There are two ways to get necessary jar dependencies, first one is download the following pom file and using Maven to get all jars

Fuzzy match string like Sublime in Clojure

Fuzzy match is a quick and efficient way to locate a target in collection of strings. Its used in everywhere in Sublime text editor.

fuzzy matching sublime

Regular expression replace with callback function in Java

languages, function is first class object, we can pass the function directly to regular expression matching ... , World"} "%hello-world, Java" Here is the tiny template engine with regular expression: (defn ... Sometimes we need to match a pattern in a string and replace it with a callback ... , the replace string can be the result of evaluation of a function, you can implement any logic you want

Clojure data structure serialization : Using Clojure data stucture as data store

Most application needs some kind of persistent storage, in most cases, this is done by a RDBMS or NoSQL solutions. But sometimes we may want a lightweight solution. For example a file based solution to store temporary data or configuration information. Many newer software use XML as this kind of storage, for example Eclipse, Spring, Visual Studio solution configuration, .

Porting PAIP chapter 2 to Clojure

Clojure is a LISP, now its the first LISP language for many people to enter the LISP world. To learn more about Clojure, we have to git into some great old LISP books. There are plenty of them, most written in LISP. For example the PAIP by Peter Norvig.

Why use Clojure ?

Clojure is a pretty new language, before dive into a new language, you may want to know why its a wise investment, why its worth to spend time to learn a new programming language. Here are some reasons.

The LISP language, some love it some hate it. If you the one love it, its a good reason to use Clojure as your LISP. Clojure is a modern, better LISP, just like C++ is a better C, Java is a better C++.

The LISP language, some love it some hate it. If you the one love it, its a good reason to use Clojure .

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