Cmd batch scripting extract year month day from date and insert into path and file name

the directory trees, you can extract the year month or day from the output of "date" command ... and insert them into your string pattern to compose the path or file name. The content of date ... routines which involves manipulating files with path or file name contains dates of that day ... information inside to a destination @echo off set year=%date:~0,4% set month=%date:~5,2% set day=%date

Gradle All Tasks are Executed and the Poor Design

There is a quirk in the design of Gradle task, look at the code below without much knowledge ... configuration code for the tasks which are executed at configuration phase, it's like a prologue of each build ... about the very details of Gradle task hello { println "hello" } task foo { println "foo ... " } What would you think about the code? For me, it intuitively means to define two tasks that I

Fire Event Programmatically in Javascript and bind with Shortcut key

to register shortcut key. function triggerEvent(el, eventName, options) { var event ... , some web based editors use iFrame as edit area, you want to bind some editing actions to a shortcut key ... over the button , click an then switch back to keyboard, using a shortcut key can significantly ... save your time. You can even package a series of actions into one shortcut key, for example, create

Clojure list files from folders and append to file

for this problem is list all files from all the sources and append to a big text file, then open ... (println "appending from source:" s) (append-to-file out-file (string-list-files-rec s ... search the big file list with multi-occur command in Emacs. Prepare two bat files ls.bat @echo ... to append." [file-name s] (spit file-name s :append true)) (defn generate-big-list

How to make page responsive with minimal CSS

to start it over and redesign the whole theme to make it responsive or introduce a responsive framework ... , you can put all you responsive code here. [Make image responsive] To make images responsive means ... and recreate it, that would take way too much work, you want to add as little as possible CSS rules ... to make it mobile friendly without touch the existing things. You want to extend it, not to modify

Emacs multi-occur Search All Occurrences and List Search Results

several buffers and files, list all occurrences for later inspection. You can also call it batched ... we want to do the same thing in Emacs. And Emacs provides a lot of choices for us. [multi-occur ... There are different ways to perform search in Emacs, each for different purposes and scenarios ... , search for a few occurrences. But search can also be large scale, with dozens of matches, across

Reactive Programming How to use SerializedSubject

and SubscribeOn do in Reactive Programming. Run different operators on different threads will not break ... happens in different thread concurrently. What the documentation says about this "When you use ... the SerializedSubject comes to the rescue. Just wrap your observable in SerializedSubject, you are safe ... , Object> subject = new SerializedSubject<>(PublishSubject.create()); subject.subscribe(new

What ObserveOn and SubscribeOn do in Reactive Programming

Both ObserveOn and SubscribeOn are about instruct the system to do something in some threads ... , you can find observeOn and subscribeOn method in the Observable instance, but you can only find subscribe ... , and before the invocation of subscribe, nothing is done. Now we can understand what subscribeOn ... all of them. Change the thread to do subscribe, that is subscribeOn another thread public

Gradle Hello World project with RxJava

a Gradle project, using the QuickStart template [Step 2. Add RxJava dependencies] Open your ... RxJava is the Java implementation of Rx Framework which was developed at Microsoft. It'a ... a library that allows you build reactive systems. [Step 1. Create Java QuickStart project] Create ... build.gradle file and add a line in dependencies block dependencies { compile group: 'commons
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