Java push back buffer is full

Why the push back buffer is full exception happens? Let's first see what is a push back ... buffer. A push back buffer is an internal buffer inside a push back reader. And a push back reader ... . The read operation will free spaces in push back buffer, one slot a time and unread will consume ... . As the name indicated, this kind of read can read or unread(push back) chars from stream

Java IO PushbackReader example in Clojure

to pushback chars back to the stream or look ahead. For example the Clojure programming language ... A PushbackReader can wrap a stream from file, string or standard input. PushbackReader ... then wrapped in a LineNumberingPushbackReader. [Create a PushbackReader] Let's define a PushbackReader ... on a String in Clojure (def pbr ( (

How to automatically add parentheses in Clojure REPL

in a REPL. In this post we will introduce how to automatically add parentheses to your one line of Clojure ... In previous post we discussed about how Clojure REPL works and the basic component ... with '(', we will read the whole expression from input stream and add parentheses to it then push the string ... send expression in Emacs cider REPL, it doesn't work, as if they use two different Clojure instance

How Clojure REPL works

If you are using Clojure REPL, there will be times you want to adjust the REPL behavior ... \core.clj, clojure1.6\src\jvm\clojure\lang\ [Where the REPL waiting input ... , the only way will be to modify the source code of Clojure. Clojure is open source, you can build ... it from source and run it in 1 minutes. This post illustrate some key points in Clojure's REPL

Maven how to skip test to save build time

I was build Clojure 1.6 from the source and don't need to run the tests. By default, Maven ... the tests are right. It will be waste of time to run the test again. It may take quite a lot of time ... (default-testResources) @ clojure --- [INFO] Not copying test resources [INFO] [INFO] --- maven-compiler ... [INFO] [INFO] --- maven-surefire-plugin:2.6:test (default-test) @ clojure --- [INFO] Tests

How to install Solr 6

Solr 6 is the newest version of Solr, an enterprise search platform. Download the package ... from the mirror site: Notice Solr 6 needs JDK ... for details. Solr switch to JDK 8 from 6. [Start the server] There is another difference ... between Solr 6 and earlier version. The start.jar now using different command syntax. When I try

What is Solr

has been merged, so you can always use the newest Lucene in Solr. [What Solr can do ... Solr is a Web based search engine application, you can build your own full text search ... REST Web service with it. A Solr application is designed to run as a standalone Web application, your ... application system interact with Solr server through HTTP protocol. It's a supporting

Warning: Desktop file appears to be in use by PID how to disable

In desktop-save-mode, every time Emacs recover from exceptional quit or crash, I ... Search the substring for example "be in use" you will find it This is one among the three ... get this warning. Every time I just answer yes and it looks everything are normal. So I don't know what's ... the reason to answer no. But it gets annoying when there are lot of buffers needs

How to export MySQL database table into H2 in Clojure

with an example and Clojure code. [Step 1. Export table definition from MySQL] To make the table ... H2 database use the standard SQL statements, many features in MySQL are not supported in H2 ... . To port a MySQL table to H2 need some tunes. In this post I will illustrate the process ... definition works in H2 database, we need it be compatible with ANSI SQL and strip all the MySQL specific

How to read CSV file into H2 database

. In this post will create a Java project and load data from CSV file into H2 database. [Step 1 ... ' } } } [Step 3. Connect to H2 database ] Suppose we have a CSV file at c:\tmp\sample.csv ... you import data from CSV file. Then you can do anything you want to the data in the SQL database ... H2 database is a pure Java SQL table base and it has a nice feature CSVREAD which allows
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