How to use Spring RequestParam with examples

The RequestPrams is an annotation provided in Spring MVC framework to make extracting ... ); } }); } </script> The Spring controller goes like @RequestMapping(value = "/foo", method ... = RequestMethod.GET) public @ResponseBody String getGreeting(@RequestParam String name ... ) { String result = "Hello! " + name ; return result; } [Make @RequestParam optional

Three best Spring 3 book

Spring 3 has released for quite a while, but there are not very much books about it. I would like to recommend three best of them.

Spring In Action  Third Edition

Spring Security form login example

In last post Understanding the basics of Spring Security. We covered the basics about Spring Security. This post will create a Spring project to apply Spring Security.

This project will be based on example introduced in Spring Data JPA, Spring MVC and Gradle integration.

Understanding the basics of Spring Security

Spring Security is a powerful security framework that can protect all kinds of resources of your application, from URL to method invocation to login authentication.

Spring Security has become the de facto standard when build enterprise level security.

Set Spring entity package for auto scanning

The entity is the class annotated with @Entity, its the domain object that will be used by JPA to persistent into database.

One of the problems many people encountered is the Spring container can not discover them automatically. The @ComponentScan can not set the packages for entities.

Spring Data JPA, Spring MVC and Gradle integration

, Spring Data JPA and build with Gradle . The project will be annotation based, so ... is implemented with Spring Data JPA. A service bean implements simple login authentication and a login form view ... id; } For simplicity, we will use Spring Data for JPA to implement our DAO. All we need ... Today we will create a Spring project that integrate MVC

Using Spring Data to simplify DAO layer implementation

DAO layer implementation is tedious and boring, also called CURD. The similar code repeat again and again. Programmers don't like repetition, in Hibernate, we already have the template to alleviate the manual coding for DAO.

The other methods include generic DAO class, for example: Simplify the DAO with Spring and Java Generics

Why Spring call the DAO as Repository

Spring has three types of components, Service, Controller and Repository. The Repository looks just like DAO.

But there is little difference between them. The Repository is a concept from DDD(Domain Driven Development).

What is Spring framework

Spring framework is an ambitious software aims to make the Java Enterprise development more easily and manageable as the application grows .

Spring Dependency Injection

A Gradle example demonstrate the Dependency Injection in Spring.

Spring dependency injection with Gradle example

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