What is Solr catchall field

Searching in Solr is field based, means the search format will contains both field and query keywords.

If you want to search all field, the field will be

What is Solr cores

, you need to define Solr cores in solr.xml. It's a centralized mode. In solr.xml you will see ... can be found in Solr home directory. <solr persistent="true"> <cores adminPath="/admin/cores ... " /> </cores> </solr> A core consists of index data and a bunch of configuration files. Simply ... can contains many Solr cores. A Solr instance is much like a database which contains many tables

How to create new collection in Solr

new collection base on the example collection. Create a directory in example\solr, for example ... ://localhost:8983/solr/#/ You will see the collection in Core Selector: [How to create new collection ... is a collection of indexed documents. Strictly speaking, this post is about how to create core in Solr ... in Solr 6] In Solr 6 we have new command line to help us create new collections To create a new

Add JSON document to Solr index with Java

how to add a String to a Solr document and index it with Java. [Solr URL to update json] Solr use ... REST like API to operate the index data, means those APIs are URL based. To update JSON document we ... The pagecollection is the Solr core we want to add document to. The wt parameter indicate ... use the following URL. http://localhost:8983/solr/pagecollection/update/json?wt=json&commit=true

How to customize Solr search result

When you search keywords in Solr web interface, you have several output options to choose. In Solr's terminology, this is called write type(wt). For example, xml, json, PHP and so on.

solr writer type

How to set home directory of Solr

When you start up Solr Server, it has to load from a home directory which contains necessary files to run Solr Server.

Just type the command in example directory.

How to index data in chm file with Solr

To index chm file, the first step is to extract text from it. I recommend chm4j.

Create a new java project and add chm4j.jar to classpath.

How to extract text from PDF and post into Solr

F:\setup\jar\solr-4.2.1\example>java -jar start.jar Post one pdf file is easy: F:\tmp>curl ... to find information quickly in pdf files when you have hundreds of them. This post will teach ... you how to extract these information and send them to Solr so that you can locate files that contains ... "http://localhost:8983/solr/update/extract?literal.id=1&commit=true" -F "myfile=@Solr.pdf" <?xml

Using PHP retrieve Solr's search result

The Solr search system provide various output format , like json, xml, php , python, ruby, csv. This post demonstrate how to use curl module in PHP to query Solr Server and parse the returned result.

If you don't install Solr, see this Introduction to Solr tutorial.

How to index mysql data in Solr

One of the biggest data sources that solr can index ... is from databases like MySQL, SQLServer, etc. It's a very common use case: index data that stored in relational ... database and Solr provides necessary facilitates to do it. This post shows how to index data ... . Then open F:\setup\jar\solr-4.2.1\example\example-DIH\mysql\db\conf\db-data-config.xml. Change
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