Why Gradle resolve dependencies download so slow

when download progressed half. So the problem is the server at repo1.maven.org is slow. For some Jars ... , because even it's slow, it should not take that long to download just one Jar. I guess it just ... the download and resume it and successfully download it, but I can't do this in Gradle, If I interrupt ... . It should work now. If you refresh Gradle, it will try to download the source Jar, the problem may

Gradle example to connect to MySQL with JDBC in Eclipse

This post teaches you to connect to MySQL database with JDBC driver. The build tool is Gradle ... mysql --version And select the correct JDBC connector version. For example the MySQL version is mysql ... ] Add a new Java class to the sample project To connect to MySQL we need to load the JDBC ... [Step 2. Add MySQL JDBC connector dependency] Check you MySQL version with the command

What is the src/main/resources folder for in Java project

Every Java project contains a folder named resources, different type of projects have ... different paths, but in a standard Maven project structure, the path is src/main/resources, Gradle project ... view of a place that stores non Java artifact files. [What the resources folder contains ... ?] The resources folder is the default place where many Java libraries store their configuration files

Java is not pure OOP programming language and it doesn't matter

is not a pure OOP language, it doesn't matter, what matters is you as the programmer know ... Java is a pure OOP language or not may not as important as people think. And its easy to know Java ... are primitive types, in a pure OOP language, everything must be objects, Java allows primitive types ... , there are many great software written in Java, it has a great platform and ecosystem. Is it a pure OOP language

How to convert Array to List in Java

There are many ways to convert an array to list in Java, you can do it manually ... convert it to Integer type. int[] array = new int[] {1, 2, 3}; List<Integer> list ... by Java compiler. This called autoboxing. Convert a primitive type to its corresponding object type ... or by a third part library. But there is one thing you need to be careful. An array can contains any type

Gradle use mavenLocal to reuse artifacts in local Maven repository

from different repositories. Gradle use the commons-collections artifact in Maven local repository ... Gradle and Maven are two different build tools, they have their own local repository ... of Gradle, Gradle can use Maven as its repository manager, but it also has its own repository management ... do is telling the Gradle to download artifacts from remote Maven repository if the artifacts doesn't

Whats the difference between DispatcherServlet and ContextLoaderListener

Both ContextLoaderListener and DispatcherServlet create and maintain application context ... of application context are different] The context of DispatcherServlet contains MVC related beans ... of ContextLoaderListener contains beans that globally visible, like services, repositories, infrastructure beans, etc ... component want to utilize the Spring bean container need the root context. [Relationships between

What is ContextLoaderListener role and purpose

ContextLoaderListener bootstrap a WebApplicationContext in the ServletContext ... are stored in root context, its not a part of MVC, you need to configure ContextLoaderListener ... ); servletContext.addListener(new ContextLoaderListener(rootAppContext)); Fortunately ... . That is, it creates a root application context for the web application and puts it in the ServletContext

Why Spring Security need a ContextLoaderListener

If you are using Spring Security, you need to configure a ContextLoaderListener, if you don't ... configure it properly, you get a error. >How to fix Spring Security: No ContextLoaderListener ... . But Spring Security is not part of the MVC, its an independent component, and it has its own beans ... need to be managed by Spring container. This is what the root application context for, created
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