undefined reference to `gluLookAt` How to fix in MinGW on Windows

The first step to play with OpenGL on MinGW and Windows is add GLUT support, the old GLUT ... tools to get you started. To use it with MinGW see this MinGW Freeglut 64bit on Windows Example ... is the version of GLU that goes with OpenGL 1.1. The function gluLookAt is defined in GLU library ... . If you Fortunately, the MinGW integrate it in the distribution package, so you don't have to search

What's the difference between criminal and perpetrator

, to the real question should be the difference between the act of crime and the act of perpetrate ... . Notice people can perpetrate crime, this indicate that perpetrator is broader than criminal ... . A perpetrator is definitely a criminal, but a criminal may not a perpetrator. When people commit crime ... Simply put, the crimnal is the one who commit crime, and perpetrator is the one who perpetrate

Chrome Backspace to go back not Working

extension, I just add a new shortcut in Shortcut Manager and the backspace go back ... + Backspace to dedicatedly handle go back function, and Backspace dedicate for delete text in editing ... well. After an accidental reboot, my Chrome stopped working, crashes after opening several pages ... did and try to go back the previous page I get this message: I was wondering why. According

Cmd batch scripting extract year month day from date and insert into path and file name

the directory trees, you can extract the year month or day from the output of "date" command ... and insert them into your string pattern to compose the path or file name. The content of date ... routines which involves manipulating files with path or file name contains dates of that day ... information inside to a destination @echo off set year=%date:~0,4% set month=%date:~5,2% set day=%date

How to make page responsive with minimal CSS

to start it over and redesign the whole theme to make it responsive or introduce a responsive framework ... , you can put all you responsive code here. [Make image responsive] To make images responsive means ... and recreate it, that would take way too much work, you want to add as little as possible CSS rules ... to make it mobile friendly without touch the existing things. You want to extend it, not to modify

Reactive Programming How to use SerializedSubject

and SubscribeOn do in Reactive Programming. Run different operators on different threads will not break ... happens in different thread concurrently. What the documentation says about this "When you use ... the SerializedSubject comes to the rescue. Just wrap your observable in SerializedSubject, you are safe ... , Object> subject = new SerializedSubject<>(PublishSubject.create()); subject.subscribe(new

What ObserveOn and SubscribeOn do in Reactive Programming

Both ObserveOn and SubscribeOn are about instruct the system to do something in some threads ... , you can find observeOn and subscribeOn method in the Observable instance, but you can only find subscribe ... , and before the invocation of subscribe, nothing is done. Now we can understand what subscribeOn ... all of them. Change the thread to do subscribe, that is subscribeOn another thread public

Reactive Programming How to use Subject

in Reactive Programming. You can see the differences between them. Many people using the two names ... Put it simply, a subject is both an observer and an observable. This sound confusing ... , how to understand it? This post will shows you the usage of subject. Being an observer means ... operator. Subject being observer by implementing the Observer interface. public interface

VirtualBox change folder that saves Snapshot file

By default the SnapShot file of virtual machine in VirtualBox is saved in C:\Users\username ... place to save space in you C drive. First change the Default Machine Folder But it only ... and then Advanced tab, fill the path in Snapshot Folder Notice your old snapshot will be gone ... , you can start the virtual machine and close it with save state method, the new snapshot file

C# Hello World Example

. Let's start with the classic Hello World example. [C# Hello World code] At first glance ... , the C# Hello World example is very similar with Java, as the code below shows. using System; class ... Test { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Hello World"); Console.WriteLine(add(3,4 ... C# is the newest enterprise programming language created by Microsoft to compete with Java
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