Convert Clojure data structure to JSON and parse it in PHP

them can be JSON. We have a data structure in Clojure [ ["obj1" "obj2" "obj3"] ] To convert ... -json read-str write write-json write-str nil To parse the JSON string to PHP data structures ... of document, XML maybe better, for other cases, JSON is better. If you are generating data in Clojure ... JSON is an idea data exchange format between different applications. If the data is type

Clojure how to eval code from a string

I have a string of Clojure code comes from another text file, its actually a DSL language which ... functions in Clojure can evaluate code from a string: read-string, load-string. The read-string ... of Clojure code. When we process the text file, we will extract the Clojure code from the file ... , this function may be designed to use in a REPL, to evaluate one liner of Clojure code. user

Clojure regular expression extract text between two strings

Given a prefix and suffix string, how to extract all the text between them? In Clojure ... [a] (.replace a "\"" "\\\"") ) (defn extract-anything-between [prefix suffix from-string] (let [pattern ... pattern) from-string)) ) ) (defn extract-anything-between-combine [prefix suffix ... "start-tag hello world end-tag") (extract-anything-between "start-tag" "end-tag" s) Output

How to remove last char from a string in Clojure

Remove the last char from a string is a simple and common task, there are standard function ... remove-last [str] (.substring (java.lang.String. str) 0 (- (count str) 1)) ) (remove-last ... for this, but its easy to write your own. Method 1 (join "" (drop-last "hello")) Method 2 (defn ... "hello")

How Specter works

Specter is a Clojure library which defined a DSL to query and manipulate composite data ... is how the AST was built, it takes me quite a lot of time to figure out how it works. To see ... closures, its an unusual way to build an AST but works perfectly in this case. For example ... structure in a declarative way. Its a small library but its a great example to showcase how LISP

Set up Leiningen on Windows

of the file and looks like this set LEIN_VERSION=2.7.0 Then search "leiningen 2.7.0" or directly go ... My first impression for Leiningen is frustration, I simply can not get it right ... and get it up and running. And I don't want to dig into the source code of the BAT script. Now I want ... the BAT script. The biggest problem of Leiningen is it try to download a file from a BAT script, which

Java InputStream read hangs forever and how to fix it with timeout and retry in Clojure

The Java low level API InputStream can be dangerous when you use it to read file from ... a remote sever. The problem of this API is it doesn't have timeout and retry mechanism when some ... the server is down, you just need a retry. By default, if you use InputStream to download a file ... , the InputStream will simply wait, block the thread, never return, there is no timeout, the only

Differences between Clojure and Java regular expressions

The regular expression in Clojure and Java are very similar, but they use different syntax ... "); The biggest difference between the # syntax in Clojure and Java is you can save some ... , if Clojure and Java use the exactly the same regular expression engine, why I have to learn a different ... syntax? Clojure support original Java syntax, you need to wrap the regular expression with re

Write blog with Clojure and Emacs

To publish a blog post, you need to write it, edit it, preview it, publish it, and update it later. Admit it, most blogging software has bad publishing experience. What is wrong with those software for example Wordpress about writing blog post? Everything!

See why not Wordpress Why programmers should not blogging with Wordpress

How to use Clojure repeatedly

The only difference between repeat and repeatedly is thing they repeat, first one repeat value, second one repeat function evaluation. Actually we can build repeatedly based on repeat as below.

So we don't need to remember both of them, you just learn one and deduce the other one.

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