Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect_error()

The reason is the mysqli.dll is disabled in php.ini file. Open the phpinfo and find ... the configuration file Edit the file and find the following line ;extension=php_mysqli.dll Remove ... the comment. And then restart Apache server. Check the phpinfo again and find mysqli support ... The error will not occur again.

When not to suppress fatal errors with @ in PHP

In PHP the @ is used to suppress warning or error messages, but it has some serious drawbacks ... the @ operator, you can see the error in the response <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined function ... in PHP configuration file. [It breaks AJAX response] If you specified the response format ... of AJAX as JSON, when a fatal error happens, the server will be interrupted and returns ahead of time

How to debug AJAX response in PHP

The simplest way to debug a normal PHP request is using the echo to output messages ... to browser, but in AJAX, it's not working. In an AJAX request, the response usually was not displayed ... the AJAX response is received and check its value in your debugger for example in Chrome Developer Tools. ... . Without other facilities, the only way to debug it is to set the breakpoint at the place where

C# Hello World Example

. Let's start with the classic Hello World example. [C# Hello World code] At first glance ... , the C# Hello World example is very similar with Java, as the code below shows. using System; class ... Test { static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Hello World"); Console.WriteLine(add(3,4 ... C# is the newest enterprise programming language created by Microsoft to compete with Java

Find Visual Studio Command Prompt in Win10 VS2015

software shortcuts. For example, I can't find where is the cmd prompt for Visual Studio when I want ... the match for you. Don't input something like "Visual Studio". The second method is to navigate through ... the Developer Command Prompt ... The start menu of Windows 10 changes dramatically, I find it's hard to locate installed

Cannot register the hard disk uuid already exist

like for each virtual disk, VirtualBox will write an UUID into the file, but what's the point? Why ... , but get this error when trying to create a new Virtual Machine with the new vdi file as the disk. Looks ... the virtual disk file has to be unique? Imaging what it feels if you can't copy a word document and open ... command to change the UUID of the vdi file C:\App\virtualbox>VBoxManage.exe internalcommands sethduuid

Gradle Servlet Hello World example in Eclipse

The new project wizard in Gradle Eclipse plugin let you create Java project easily ... the Servlet application. Good news is you don't have to start from scratch, the Gradle ... to it. Select File - Import... - Gradle project in Eclipse. Select the newly created directory ... >Hello World</h1>"); } } The quickstart template didn't provide web.xml. We should add

CURL download speed is very slow on PHP Apache server

I have a service running on Apache server that use curl php to retrieve web pages ... . For unknown reasons, I notice that the download speed gets very slow. But it's not normal, since I issues ... ://www.google.com/search?q=curl+download+speed+slow+speed_download&newwindow=1&ei=2txxWN-KMMK00gSa1ZqQDg&start=10&sa ... , not only the download speed is slow, but also the DNS lookup time. DNS lookup took 13.1 seconds

How to use Lucene DocValues

Lucene's main data structure is inverted index, a big hashmap use the term as the key ... tasks, like sorting, faceting or highlighting. As of Lucene 4.0, a new structure was introduced ... , the DocValues. For example, our sorting code example uses DocValue field to sort the results ... : How to sort Lucene search results The idea is uninvert the inverted index. This is exactly what

Lucene field, StringField vs TextField

and indexed field. doc.add(new StringField("id", id,Field.Store.YES )); For beginners ... , the syntax of Lucene field definition API can be very confusing, and they changes dramatically ... , there is no difference. Read a text file into Java, you always get a string. In Lucene ... all these properties in to an abstraction, this is what TextField for, a sugar class. Using
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