How to use have been + adjective

Consider this sentence.

The government has been supportive of business.

Shrink VDI further by cloning existing Linux file system

The size of VDI can be remarkably large, compare to the actual size of the file system reported by du -h command. Run VBoxManage to compact the VDI can't reduce the disparity either. For example, the file system is 1.2G, but the VDI can be 1.8G. This usually happens when you installed an OS and then deleted .

How to solve WIFI with high ping in LAN

I was using TightVNC viewer and server between two PCs in LAN environment. For unknown reason, the connection speed becomes excruciatingly slow, sometimes can't establish and maintain connection at all.

The ping command shows that it takes 20ms to 80ms on average when ping from client to the server. The average time is 2ms when ping from server to client. Ping from server to gateway take 1ms or 0ms on average, the output shows there are several <1ms items which makes the average 0ms.

The ping command shows that it takes 20ms to 80ms on average when ping from client to the server. The average time is 2ms when ping from server to client. .

Install ntfs-3g on Centos 6 and mount NTFS disk in Easy Steps

By default, Centos 6 doesn't have support for NTFS disk, that's why you get unknown filesystem type error when you try to mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt/datadisk. To make NTFS filesystem available on Centos, you need to install ntfs-3g. Here is how to do it.

USB Mass Storage Device get error code 38: previous instance still in memory

on the tip of the "USB Mass Storage Device". Open property page, the message tells a previous instance ... ", which used to be "USB Mass Storage Device". I looked at their signature, the date of "USB Mass ... still in memory. To make it work again, just reboot, or disable the device driver and reenable ... Storage Device" is 2006, and the "Realtek USB 3.0 Card Reader" is 2013, I'm not sure if it's the date

Replace date string in text file in Windows

I get a text file that contains a date string, what I want to do is execute a string ... will perform the search and replace in file, other wise sed will just output the replaced string to console ... /..\/node_2/%day%\/node_2/" D:\www\node\index.htm It replace a string like the following 03/node_2 ... . Create a new task schedule on Windows and set up the execution time and set the bat file

Utterly Completely Totally What's the differences

utterly. the situation is completely normal interact with people in a way that feels utterly normal ... will perceive it. >the situation is completely normal It's normal , don't panic, there is no big ... deal. The author worries the readers won't be convinced and doubt about it. By the completely normal ... it. >the situation is utterly normal Utterly means "truly, plainly, outspokenly". The verb utter

Latin root fect means to do, make

The latin root fect appeared in a lot of frequently used English words like affect, infect, etc ... which means to do, to make, to feign. The present active infinitive of facio.This verb expand ... . dhe: Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to set, put, place." The Latin verion is facere ... such as infect, affect, etc. The dh sound becomes 'f' or 'd' in Latin, the 'd' is understandable

Maven cache m2e big _bd.cfs file What are they

the culprit here: C:\Users\samsam\.m2\repository\.cache\m2e\1.4.1\26522e0d83a422eed93329ece7565cfc\min ... Here m2e is a Maven plugin that provides integration for Maven into Eclipse, and the cfs(Compound ... File format) files are Lucene index file used by m2e plugin. The plugin caches Lucene index ... and there is also a global cache in ~/.m2/repository/.cache/m2e/${m2e.version}. It's a Lucene index

Latin root fus means pour

Comes from Latin fundere which means pour, melt, inject, fill, irrigate, gush, etc. The first ... piece of it and gradually you learn stuff. Refuse can be considered as reject when the root fus ... is the action of fus is unthoughtful(kind like no brainer), without careful scrutiny and check ... of information, it means there are a lot of information but most of them are just garbage and junk like many
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