What is Trie Data Structure in Lucene numeric range query

Trie is a clever data structure. It is used in Lucene to make numeric range query more ... ] This is how trie data structure works in numeric range search in Lucene, there are more details about ... how to construct the trie data structure from an vocabulary and how the query is parsed to the combination ... illustration about how trie data structure works. This post Lucene: The Good Parts has an image

Latin root fus means pour

Comes from Latin fundere which means pour, melt, inject, fill, irrigate, gush, etc. The first ... idea is the action of fus is unthoughtful(kind like no brainer), without careful scrutiny and check ... of information, it means there are a lot of information but most of them are just garbage and junk like many ... the proposal stage. In this sentence the profusion means the speed to adopt armed robots

English prefix ac

The ac is a prefix in a set of prefixs with the same rule, the letter a plus a consonant which ... is the first letter of a root, other examples: ab-,ac-,ad-,af-,ag-,an-,ap-,ar-,as-,at. [accord ... : ac(to) + cord(heart)] Accord means agreement, be in harmony, reconcile , be of one mind ... or consistent between two or multiple entities. The accord or conflict between countries determine peace

How to save HTML table as pure text with format retained

, you just want a pure text file, no HTML structure, no CSS styles, no need to use it in a browser ... and it has built-in text browser which render html table in text mode but keep the rows and columns ... Sometimes you may want to save a web page as text if you don't want the style and images ... but a simple text editor. But you can not ingore the table, tables sometimes are very useful, but copy

Latin root mis means to send

root mis means send, send forword means send your words to the future. But prediction also words ... [premise] Pre(before) + send(mis), here it's something you sent out before, in business it's ... are deployed and architectured: cloud, on-premise and hybrid. On cloud means the system was managed ... infrastructure. The on-premise means the company have total control of the application, but they also have

Latin root sist means stand

. [insist] Stand(sist) upon(in), means declare something strongly. What is the instinct action ... Comes from Latin sistere, the second-person singular future passive indicative of sisto means ... , when it's done passively, it means hold, keep, remain. Another root tain has the similar ... meaning, tain means to hold, the difference is you hold with your hands, but stand with your legs

Don't call echo before ob_gzhandler or you get ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED error

before the invocation for example the below echo "hello"; ob_start('ob_gzhandler ... '); You will get ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED error, the reason is with the invocation of ob_gzhandler, the HTTP ... The ob_gzhandler will compress(gzip) the output after the its invocation, if you echo anything ... response tells the browser the content is compressed, but the response output before the invocation

UnsupportedOperationException Multipart form entity does not implement #getContent()

: UnsupportedOperationException Multipart form entity does not implement #getContent ... UnsupportedOperationException( "Multipart form entity does not implement #getContent ... InputStream getContent() throws IOException, UnsupportedOperationException { throw new ... you enclose multiple files in one entity and put it in a HTTP POST request and send them to server. Each

Upload file to HTTP Server with HTTP client and PHP backend

. The following Clojure function upload your file with HTTP client: (defn http-upload-file[filepath ... -content (http-upload-file "C:\\Users\\Administrator\\Documents\\oMlXZMH100.jpg"))) ... You might think the de facto way to upload files to your server is through FTP protocol ... HTTP based solution will save your day in case there is an emergence file uploading need

undefined reference to `gluLookAt` How to fix in MinGW on Windows

The first step to play with OpenGL on MinGW and Windows is add GLUT support, the old GLUT ... tools to get you started. To use it with MinGW see this MinGW Freeglut 64bit on Windows Example ... is the version of GLU that goes with OpenGL 1.1. The function gluLookAt is defined in GLU library ... . If you Fortunately, the MinGW integrate it in the distribution package, so you don't have to search
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