Latin word tangere and root -tact

The Latin verb tangere means touch. The root words come from tangere are: tact, tang, ting, tig, tag, etc. The tangere has an variation tactus, both tact and tang come from tactus

There is a famous quote from bible which contains this word: noli me tangere. Means touch me not. This is the sentence Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene after the resurrection when the latter recognize him.

contact: touch together, things or people together and touch

Contact is everywhere, every person or organization must to contact with others. And that is how most business is running, to contact with customers Every smartphone has a contact list, which usually represent the social state of a person. The newest form is social network like Facebook. So you can see how important it is.

  • 1. Contact phone number.

tangential: slightly touch

When you leave the main topic and talk about other not so related topics in your speeches or writings, you call it tangential. A sense of divergent.

A book usually put some tangential topics at the end or last chapter of the book.

  • 1. tangential issues
  • 2. tangential considerations
  • 3. tangential topics
  • 4. In software development, tasks like testing, debugging and error handling are tangential activities.