Latin root mis means to send


Pre(before) + send(mis), here it's something you sent out before, in business it's the money you spent before for acquiring assets such as land, property, infrastructure, etc. Those assets are also called fixed asset may be used for many years.

In IT environment, for example an enterprise ERP system or OA system, usually a database based application, the simplest example is the official website of a company with dozens of visitor per day, now almost every company has one, the complex system serves millions of clients every day. There are three methods those applications are deployed and architectured: cloud, on-premise and hybrid. On cloud means the system was managed on the cloud platform so the company don't have to buy it's own servers or maintain it's own infrastructure. The on-premise means the company have total control of the application, but they also have to take the full responsibility of maintaining. The hybrid solution use both cloud and on-premise. The premise here is the IT infrastructure like servers and tech department.


The Latin root mis means send, send forword means send your words to the future. But prediction also words about the future, what's the difference? Consider the word with the same root: mission, a promise is a mission you have to complete in the future, you must take the responsibility, a prediction either happens or not in the future, but youself are not involved.


The prefix de means down, leave, away from, mis means sent it away, let it go and leave. When the mission completed, the entity which had finished the mission must go away, leave the stage, or die out. It means the destroy of something but the reason is the thing's mission has completed, the world no longer need it, so it's simply discarded by people. It's like a natural extinction.

For example the Marxism used to be a theory to direct social revolution but now much less people believe it, we can say the demise of Marxism. Personal blog is a popular way to express onlinen in early stage of internet, now we see the demise of personal blog, we have better ways to express ouself on social media like facebook or twitter, the historic mission of personal blog has completed.