Solr is a enterprise search platform, one the most popular wrapper for the full text search library Lucene. This post shows how to get started with Solr on Windows.

Download the package

Solr is a web application that running in a web server(by default the Jetty). The package is just a zip file, what you need to do is just extract it, the package already contains all the necessary tools to run Solr including the web server.

Download the package at As of this writing, the version is 4.10.3, so what we download is

Extract it to your file system. For example


Running Solr

Start the server and running Solr with the tool start.jar

cd C:\App\solr-4.10.3\example
java -jar start.jar

Make sure you have installed JAVA JDK and the java command is available in windows command line. And then go to


You will see something like this in your browser:

solr install start windows

Thats all we need to get started.