First install AceJump in Sublime Text 3, the best way is using Package Control plugin to install, press ctrl+shift+p open command palette and input "pci" to locate Package Control: Install Package, press enter and wait a moment, it will load all available packages, and then input "acej" you will find the plugin then just press enter to choose it.

After installing the package we should bind keyboard shortcut to commands provided by AceJump plugin.

The most used command ace_jump_word, I would like to bind it to ctrl+t as below

    {"keys": ["ctrl+t"],"command": "ace_jump_word"}

You can choose to put the keybinding in various places, for example the %SUBLIME_INSTALLATION%\Data\Packages\User\Default (Windows).sublime-keymap or %SUBLIME_INSTALLATION%\Data\Packages\AceJump\Default (Windows).sublime-keymap. I would suggest put all your customized keybindings in one place, the user keymap is good choice. It will no be override by other plugins and its easier to manage.

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