The wrap line feature act strangely in Sublime Text, not like what I expected, not like most rest of other text editors act. You can select View -> Word Wrap on the Menu, but it only works for current file you are editing when you enable the menu item. The Word Wrap is obviously not a global configuration in Sublime Text, and I don't understand why it behaves that way. Can I just make it always word wrap no matter which files I'm opening?

The word_wrap property

The word_wrap has three options: true, false, and auto. It controls word wrap globally but not what you expected. When deciding whether a file should word wrap, Sublime check two conditions: If you never manually(through menu) sets word wrap option of a file, then it checks the value of word_wrap, if its true, enable word wrap, false disable, auto don't do anything. If you have set it manually, then it will always applied, just ignore the word_wrap value.

For example, you opened a new file, the word_wrap value is true, then this file will have word wrap enabled. Don't do anything to the file, and change the word_wrap value to false, the file will have word wrap disabled.

Now enable the word wrap from menu, from now on, no matter how you changes word_wrap value , it will not affect the wrap state of this file.

The conclusion is what you have done on the menu has higher priority than configuration file and Sublime Text will remember it, the word_wrap value only controls the files you have never done anything on it through menu item. If you want to globally control the word wrap state, the best solution is never touch View -> Word Wrap menu item.