Using New to create Object array in VB.NET

We can create new Object array on declaration.

            Dim objArray As Object() = New Object() {"value1", 2, True}
            msg("Upper bound of the 0 dimension: " + objArray.GetUpperBound(0).ToString())
            msg("Length : " + objArray.Length.ToString())

There is another syntax with little difference but has the same effect.

            Dim objArray() As Object = New Object() {"value1", 2, True}

Creating Object by assignment array elements

This way you have to specify the length of the array.

            Dim objArray2(2) As Object
            objArray2(0) = "value1"
            objArray2(1) = 2
            objArray2(2) = True

But if you write like this.

            Dim objArray2() As Object(2)

You will get error

Array bounds cannot appear in type specifiers