There is a cache mechanism in Sublime Text that many people feels confused. Lets see it with an example. Select Preferences - Color Scheme you will see a list of installed Color Scheme.

A Color Scheme in Sublime has file extension .tmTheme , the tm means TextMate which is compatible with TextMate format. All Color Scheme files are packaged into a zip file and stored in %SUBLIME-INSTALLATION%/Packages. But the file extension is changed to .sublime-package, to check the contents inside the package, copy the file to other place and rename the extension to .zip and open it with zip viewer.

All Color Schemes you see in Menu are stored in %SUBLIME-INSTALLATION%/Packages/Color Scheme - Default.sublime-package.

To apply a Color Scheme, Sublime first need to extract the .tmTheme files out from zip file, then put it into the cache directory of the Sublime installation folder, the actually used file is the files copied into cache directory.

To see your cache path in Sublime Text, press Ctrl + ` to open the Python console and input


It will print the full path name of the cache directory, for example


By convention, extracted Color Scheme files are stored in a folder with prefix Color Scheme - , usually its the same as the file name of the zip package, so you will find all Color Scheme files that currently in using or used at least once before in this path

'C:\\bin\\sublime\\Data\\Cache\\Color Scheme - Default'

This cache mechanism not only works for Color Scheme, most resources used by Sublime using the same cache. You can find all languages specific syntax files which has tmLanguage extension in the cache directory. Each file in cache path has the same name with the original file in zip package but has .cache extension.