Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Research Tool

It belongs to Google Adwords, you have to open an account to use it. One of the best tool I ever used.

WordStream has trillion-keywords database. You can start with a general keyword like "java" and then refine it.

wordstream keyword research tool pics

Enter your keyword, it will list best suggestion keywords groups. You can refine your result by delete the items you don't want.

But it don't allow you to see all the keywords in a niche unless you pay for the long tail edition.

Suppose we want to research the niche "coffee machine", here is the result:

Coffee, of course is a big niche, so we narrow down to coffee machine, now we find the espresso coffee machine is the most competitive keywords.

Let's see how Google does:

Search the keyword in Google you will find even more keywords like "espresso coffee machine review", "buy espresso coffee machine" ...

You can generally start from the name of a thing , in this example , the thing is "espresso coffee machine", and expand it.

Another interesting thing about keywords is some people will directly type into the address bar of the browser. For example, ,, And people see this as an opportunity and registered these domain name, most of them just don't have any content but some ads. You can try some of them .