I first know the so called distraction free mode is when I'm using Sublime Text, Press Shift + F11, and you go into Full screen mode , and the text is centered, each line contains 80 characters, I found this is very helpful when I focus on writing, for example when writing a blog post.

I also use a lot Emacs, it will be good if Emacs also support this. Actually I almost in full screen in Emacs, so there are already no much distractions out there, the thing I really want is centered text area and fixed with, so my eyes can focus right in the middle, the default left align makes me a little uncomfortable, it also gives me a feeling of reading a book or how it looks like when it displayed on Web page, the margin is important for comfortable reading.

I found the writeroom-mode can do the exact same thing like Sublime. Execute M-x list-packages and locate writeroom-mode:

Execute M-x writeroom-mode to go into distraction free environment. Here is how the distraction free mode looks like in Emacs:

As you can see the status bar is gone, the minibufer is still there, but it mix into the background, almost unnoticeable, but you can still execute command by execute M-x.

The even better thing in Emacs is that the distraction free mode is local to current buffer, you may not want this mode in other types of buffer, for example the Clojure REPL or shell buffer, Sublime has no such feature, distraction free mode is global to the editor, no matter you are editing an article or editing java source code file. I prefer Emacs in this case.

The another thing Emacs done better is the line wrap icon in the fringe.