Chrome Backspace to go back not Working

I'm not an upgrade fanatic, I can keep using the same version of Chrome for as long as I can. But for some reasons, the old version of Chrome will become "outdated" someday. Sometimes it can be just a reboot, I almost never shutdown my tablet computer unless I have to only if everything works well. After an accidental reboot, my Chrome stopped working, crashes after opening several pages. So I upgrade it to Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit).

When I hit the backspace button like I always did and try to go back the previous page I get this message:

I was wondering why. According to Google, the company who developed Chrome browser, this is for preventing some user from accidently wipe out the data they typed in a form by hiting backspace to delete but the focus is not in an input or text area element. I don't know who or how many how often people make these kind of mistakes, I'm not one of them and never bothered by it.

There are a lot of way to fix it, and Chrome also provided an extension sepcifically for it. But I already installed and used the Shortcut Manager extension, I just add a new shortcut in Shortcut Manager and the backspace go back.

But this will cause another problem: this will go back even the focus is in the input box. My solution is using Ctrl + Backspace to dedicatedly handle go back function, and Backspace dedicate for delete text in editing elements. As below: