How Specter works

Specter is a Clojure library which defined a DSL to query and manipulate composite data ... is how the AST was built, it takes me quite a lot of time to figure out how it works. To see ... closures, its an unusual way to build an AST but works perfectly in this case. For example ... structure in a declarative way. Its a small library but its a great example to showcase how LISP

Set up Leiningen on Windows

of the file and looks like this set LEIN_VERSION=2.7.0 Then search "leiningen 2.7.0" or directly go ... My first impression for Leiningen is frustration, I simply can not get it right ... and get it up and running. And I don't want to dig into the source code of the BAT script. Now I want ... the BAT script. The biggest problem of Leiningen is it try to download a file from a BAT script, which

How to select a layer with effects in Photoshop

select the layer with the gradient effects? You want to select the layer and crop it to make ... . Here is a Photoshop tip to do this. Move your cursor to the thumbnail of the layer and hold ... the thumbnail, the layer will be selected Now select menu: Image -> Crop, you have your canvas ... Suppose you copied a layer to a canvas which has a bigger size than the copied layer

Record, save and reuse macro in VIM

is to give it a name, because in VIM the macro is stored in a register, a register name can be any ... in a function. This makes Emacs macro easy to name and save. An Emacs macro example (fset 'tt (lambda ... useful keyboard macro in VIM is add HTML tags to keywords phrase. I do this quite a lot, to bold ... Editing macro is a great help when you need to do some repetitive editing tasks

Three steps use Chrome at night on Windows easier

eyes, and blurry vision. Here are three easy step to use chrome on Windows at night easier ... and black font color. Its painful to browse the internet at night or in a dark room. A bright ... . [Chrome dark mode extension] A dark theme extension can change the background and foreground color ... and HighContrast. [Change the theme color of Windows] Right click on your desktop and select

New Google Chrome can hide extension icon to main menu

of Chrome allows you hide the extension icons from the address bar. Hover you mouse at the end ... the width of the extension icon area, display the frequently visited icon and hide the rarely used ... Google Chrome has the minimalist UI design in browser industry from its first day. It has ... , a lot of users amazed and liked it, its one of the most important factors makes Google Chrome so

Whats the difference between DispatcherServlet and ContextLoaderListener

Both ContextLoaderListener and DispatcherServlet create and maintain application context ... of application context are different] The context of DispatcherServlet contains MVC related beans ... of ContextLoaderListener contains beans that globally visible, like services, repositories, infrastructure beans, etc ... component want to utilize the Spring bean container need the root context. [Relationships between

What is ContextLoaderListener role and purpose

ContextLoaderListener bootstrap a WebApplicationContext in the ServletContext ... are stored in root context, its not a part of MVC, you need to configure ContextLoaderListener ... ); servletContext.addListener(new ContextLoaderListener(rootAppContext)); Fortunately ... . That is, it creates a root application context for the web application and puts it in the ServletContext

Why Spring Security need a ContextLoaderListener

If you are using Spring Security, you need to configure a ContextLoaderListener, if you don't ... configure it properly, you get a error. >How to fix Spring Security: No ContextLoaderListener ... . But Spring Security is not part of the MVC, its an independent component, and it has its own beans ... need to be managed by Spring container. This is what the root application context for, created

DelegatingFilterProxy ,springSecurityFilterChain ,ContextLoaderListener and FilterChainProxy

Spring Security, you should use bean name "springSecurityFilterChain" when adding DelegatingFilterProxy ... " DelegatingFilterProxy springSecurityFilterChain = new DelegatingFilterProxy(filterName ... to Spring Security, for example the Spring Security: No ContextLoaderListener registered. You need to know ... something about Spring Security as listed here [DelegatingFilterProxy] First of all
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