Viewport Meta Tag Why responsive doesn't work on mobile

or not. [What the Viewport Meta Tag do to mobile browser?] By using a Viewport Meta Tag ... the Viewport Meta Tag. You need to add a meta tag to you HTML, called Viewport Meta Tag <meta name ... start from media query, actually the first thing to know and remember is Viewport Meta Tag, its ... the responsive settings will not be triggered. The viewport width is the width of mobile device, ranges

PHP array_multisort two arrays sort by column example

A common problem we run into in day to day PHP programming is to sort two arrays by one ... column. Especially when the data comes from database. We sometimes need to write code to do the things ... from table order by a desc; SQL is a declaration language and good at such tasks, PHP is an imperative ... . There are several ported LINQ for PHP, check them out if you want to save your precious time

English root word -tain

Many English words have Latin origins, the word -tain in this post is no exception. The root ... a situation, etc. Its a nice word, you need to hold on at many situations in your life, and you wish many ... on, be consistent and persistent, you won't lose. So its very helpful to learn this word. The basic ... -tain comes from Latin verb "tenere", means "to hold", to keep a thing, possesses things, keep

Java is not pure OOP programming language and it doesn't matter

is not a pure OOP language, it doesn't matter, what matters is you as the programmer know ... Java is a pure OOP language or not may not as important as people think. And its easy to know Java ... are primitive types, in a pure OOP language, everything must be objects, Java allows primitive types ... , there are many great software written in Java, it has a great platform and ecosystem. Is it a pure OOP language

How to convert Array to List in Java

There are many ways to convert an array to list in Java, you can do it manually ... convert it to Integer type. int[] array = new int[] {1, 2, 3}; List<Integer> list ... by Java compiler. This called autoboxing. Convert a primitive type to its corresponding object type ... or by a third part library. But there is one thing you need to be careful. An array can contains any type

Gradle use mavenLocal to reuse artifacts in local Maven repository

from different repositories. Gradle use the commons-collections artifact in Maven local repository ... Gradle and Maven are two different build tools, they have their own local repository ... of Gradle, Gradle can use Maven as its repository manager, but it also has its own repository management ... do is telling the Gradle to download artifacts from remote Maven repository if the artifacts doesn't

How to use memcpy example

The memcpy function is declared in stdlib.h. It accepts three arguments: the destination ... position. Here is the example code: #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include ... ** argv) { int buf[1024]; buf[1] = 0xffffffff; char * s = "bazzar"; //memcpy ... (buf, s, strlen(s)); memcpy(buf, s, strlen(s) + 1); printf("buf is %s", buf); printf("\n

CSS cascading order of precedence

CSS means cascading style sheet. What the cascading mean? It means the styles provided ... of they can have their own style declarations on any element, each definition has an order of precedence ... priority. The browser read and parse CSS style declaration one by one in the order of their appearance ... and then is applied on to the elements. The process of determining of the final style sheets is called cascading

How to find window with wildcard in Python and win32gui

When finding window by the title, sometimes we only know part of the title, we want to find ... it. But we can do it in another way in Python. The idea is to collect all window titles and search ... ("found") else: print ("not found") If I have a window with title "Administrator: cmd - python ... any window with the title contains a substring. The native win32 API FindWindow didn't support

How to parse XML with Python and lxml

service of SOAP service. In this example, we will parse and extract data from XML document with Python ... and lxml library. The lxml is a Python library which provided a Pythonic interface for C libraries ... in Python you should check it. Here is an example XML document test.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding ... > To parse the file directly from lxml import etree doc = etree.parse("test.xml") print
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