VIM delete all lines contains a pattern

, then is the pattern to match, global means match all occurrences, the d means delete. It's a very ... empty lines] The pattern to match empty line: ^$ :g/^$/d If you treat lines that contains only ... Sometimes you need to tidy up a piece of a text which contains many repetitive lines ... it as the pseudo code shows. occur_lines = search(pattern) foreach line in occur_lines delete

Gradle multi project Plugin with id 'jettyEclipse' not found

I want to add the jettyEclipse plugin to a multi project in Gradle, according ... .+') } } apply plugin: 'jettyEclipse' This works in a single Gradle project, but failed when do ... : 'com.sahlbach.gradle', name: 'gradle-jetty-eclipse-plugin', version: '1.9 ... this in a multi project. I add the snippet to the subprojects {} block but get the following error

Solr core and collection What's the difference

the difference not so obvious, because there is just one collection that contains one core that manages ... I found I often use core and collection interchangeably without even notice ... or a collection both simply refer to a Lucene index and a set of related Solr configuration files. If I ... SolrCore, which means the core of Solr is about calling Lucene API to interact with a single index

What is Solr config set

. The new method using config set which is just a named and predefined configuration that you can use ... the better way to use Solr. [The configset base directory] All your config sets are stored under ... application , contains some advanced options. [Create a core with config set] First start ... In Solr 5, a new configuration mechanism was introduced to manage configurations for Solr

Insertion Sort in Clojure

In Insertion Sort, insert means search and find the position of current element ... . The code is listed as below. (defn insertion-sort [a] (loop [rest-part a partial-sorted ... ))) ) ) ) ) ) (insertion-sort '( 1 4 223 3 2 4 23 45 5 43 3 12 113 1)) The output. user ... > (insertion-sort '( 1 4 223 3 2 4 23 45 5 43 3 12 113 1)) ["rest-part" (1 4 223 3 2 4 23 45 5 43 3

Clojure cons, conj and concat

Manipulating lists and vectors in Clojure usually involves three functions: cons, conj ... and concat. Learn to use them helps you deal with list and vectors more efficiently. [cons two ... slots can be anything ELISP> (cons 2 '(3)) (2 3) ELISP> (cons 2 2) (2 . 2) In Clojure ... :505) It prepends the first parameter to the collection. [conj works on collection] Clojure

VirtualBox change folder that saves Snapshot file

By default the SnapShot file of virtual machine in VirtualBox is saved in C:\Users\username ... place to save space in you C drive. First change the Default Machine Folder But it only ... and then Advanced tab, fill the path in Snapshot Folder Notice your old snapshot will be gone ... , you can start the virtual machine and close it with save state method, the new snapshot file
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