How to override global keybinding for a specific file in Emacs

it for a particular file but wouldn't affect other buffers with the same major mode. To target a specific file ... we should use the find-file-hook, we will match the file name in the hook function. To override ... When editing a large text file, harmless things in regular file can be disastrous ... if the text file is big enough. There is no reason to launch the dangerous command in any situation

Haskell unsafeInterleaveIO and Lazy list constructed from IO actions

Haskell is a lazy language, which means you can easily define an infinite list with recursion ... -> IO ByteString hGetContentsNLazy k h = lazyRead where lazyRead = unsafeInterleaveIO $ do ... cs) :} To make it lazy, simply add the unsafeInterleaveIO in front of the recursion body. Here ... and the chunk list is constructed on demand.

Extract text and images from doc or docx file with Python

productivity. Suppose you are tasked with the job that given a doc or docx file, you need to post ... if we can extract the text and images and store them separately. The following code will do ... with, so the first step is to convert the file to docx format if we are given a doc file ... as word.application. With the COM object we can open a doc file and Save it as docx format

Maybe monad: where is the join and nested Nothing

is the definition of Maybe monad: instance Monad Maybe where return = Just Nothing >>= _ = Nothing ... arrow. The definiton of Maybe functor and fmap: instance Functor Maybe where -- fmap :: (a -> b ... ) -> Maybe a -> Maybe b fmap _ Nothing = Nothing fmap f (Just x) = Just (f x) You can blend the f ... , fmap and join together, the result is the same as bind, the process will be like this Nothing

Haskell map mapM mapM_ example

The Control.Monad module contains a series of functions like mapM, mapM_, how and when to use ... unsafePerformIO $ foo !! 1 Now change the map to mapM. Evaluate it in repl will trigger the IO action one ... by one the type of the mapM version is IO [()]. You can read it as IO of list of actions, the map ... of mapM_ is mapM_ f list = sequence_ (map f list).

Latin roots differences cit, licit, elicit and plicit

the same Latin root, but they are three different roots and the meanings are quite different ... shareholder value. [licit in elicit means to entice, lure, deceive] The licit here comes from licitus ... Let's see some English words: explicit, solicit, elicit, and illicit. They all look like using ... . [plicit means fold, curve, turn, bend] The explicit, ex means outward, fold out, unfold. If you fold

USB Mass Storage Device get error code 38: previous instance still in memory

on the tip of the "USB Mass Storage Device". Open property page, the message tells a previous instance ... ", which used to be "USB Mass Storage Device". I looked at their signature, the date of "USB Mass ... still in memory. To make it work again, just reboot, or disable the device driver and reenable ... Storage Device" is 2006, and the "Realtek USB 3.0 Card Reader" is 2013, I'm not sure if it's the date

How to create a dummy windows exe runs in the background

solution will be to replace the executable file with a dummy windows program of the same name ... One way to prevent a program from being launched is to delete the executable file and create ... that will run in the background without anything noticeable in the front. Here is a solution, build ... . If there are second or third occasion where a dummy window executable is needed, we need to use

Combine multiple PDF files into single PDF file in Clojure

want. Here is how to combine pdf files into one file (defn read-pdf-bytes [file-path ... , it's better to pack them together into a single PDF file. I'd used the clj-pdf to pack a set ... of merge-pdf function (defn merge-pdfs "merge multiple PDFs into output file" [& {:keys ... . Such as saving a slide which consists of a series of orderd images, or a newspaper provided as PDF files

How to invoke Java method in Clojure

[Call overloaded Java methods] I get this problem, I want to call the get method ... is represented as array, in Java if there is no variable length parameter we just omit it, but in Clojure, we ... need to specify it explicitly to make it match the type signature of Java method, we need to pass ... of java.nio.file.Paths from clojure, I tried a lot of options, but I always get this error cannot be cast
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